R17MIX: Pazmal – Resonance

Meet Pazmal, another member of the XYZA collective in Miami (check out also Telescope Thieve’s R17 MIX) . XYZA is a Gothic (Germanic/Teutonic) female name which means “by the sea”. The group consists of 15 young electronic music producers who joined forces a little over a year ago and who have good things coming their way. Fa sho.



R17: Tell us a little bit about you…

Pazmal: I started making beats and DJing almost 5 years ago and played in a few bands for a couple of years ’till I just went solo. There’s a lot of Soul and Hip hop influences in my music which can be much more laid back than my actual DJ sets and mixes.


What can you tell us about this mix?

There’s a few tracks in this mix that I had forgotten about, I went through my library and dug up some favorites from a few years back along with some tunes that I currently play or just discovered. The usual process consists of a few days looking for the right tracks and the mix is mixed live within the hour.


What are you working on right now? What can we expect from Pazmal this year?

I’ve been working on my DJing lately, I’ve already released two singles this month and there’s a few tunes in the works, but no albums or major projects at the moment (maybe later this year). Expect some monthly releases and a new live set.


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