R17 MIX: Virgo – Alien Tides


Virgo (a.k.a. Elizabeth Ann Clark) is a fairly new player to the Miami music scene. She’s best described as an oceanic-cosmic goddess with dreamy visuals and synth-pop sounds.  Inspired by the magic city, Clark began recording music in her one-bedroom apartment soon after moving here from LA.  She was cool enough to record an exclusive mix for us and answer a few questions about her unreleased EP (Water Planet), her upcoming iii Points performance and her natural aesthetic.




R17:  Tell us a little about this mix; How were you feeling when you recorded it, what were you thinking about?

Virgo:  Isolated, introspective…I’ve been reading The Martian and I really identify with the notion of being the only living thing on a planet. Stars being born, time travel, being submerged under water.



R17:  You have a pretty clear aesthetic to your personal style and music.  Where does your relationship with the cosmos and the ocean originate?

Virgo:  Ever since I was a kid I would draw elaborate coral reefs, and even made 3D dioramas of underwater scenes. I was always drawn to water. In the same way, I grew up in the Mojave Desert and at night when I looked to the sky, I could see the Milky Way. The memory lingers.




R17:  What are you listening to at the moment?  What’s your favorite release of the summer?

Virgo:  Captivated by Recondite, he’s some kind of alien deity. Favorite song of the summer, XTC by DJ Koze.



R17:  So you’re performing at iii points this year! How do you feel?  Anything you can tell us about your performance?

Virgo:  I’m really humbled the III Points crew invited me to play, a year ago I attended the festival as a fan, and dreamed of being on a stage. I’m mostly looking forward to showcasing visuals off my unreleased EP that I rendered in Unreal Engine 4. In the future I see this developing into a more cinematic, immersive experience, but for now I hope that anyone who happens to pass by while I’m playing will be struck by the imagery.


R17:  You recently moved here from LA.  How does it feel to be a fairly new artist in Miami’s constantly growing music scene?

Virgo:  Yes and I miss seeing mountains terribly. While in LA I was focused on film production, and once I landed in Miami and started writing songs, but it was entirely independent of anything happening in music here. Even now I feel out of touch.




R17:  You’re currently working on an EP.  What does this release mean to you?  What was your motivation/influence behind it?

Virgo:  My new EP is titled Water Planet. Some days I think about planets in distant galaxies, and what it would be like to live there, but then I discover places on Earth that are strangely alien, especially when you spend most days in a one-bedroom apartment, everything outside seems vast and untouched. Apart from the human experience I draw inspiration from places I go on Google, the film Interstellar, and daydreams. <3


*Don’t miss her on Thursday at Libertine and on Friday, Oct. 9th at iii Points! 


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