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Uchi is a staple in the local Miami music scene, regularly playing venues like Bardot, Electric Pickle and Basement.  If you go out in Miami, you’ve more than likely heard her play, and if you haven’t, you should change that quickly. She recorded a mix for us just in time for iii Points and answered some questions where we discuss her recent tour in Europe, future gig dates and some exciting stuff she’s working on that those attending iii Points this weekend will get to experience.



R17:  What can you tell us about this mix?  Which track(s) really stand out to you?  Why?

Uchi:  I recorded this warming up for Kasper Bjork and Sexy Lazer Sept 26th 2015. These were the special moments. The last part encapsulates the ambient songs that have stayed with me this summer. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I have.



You had a pretty active summer this year, playing cities like Berlin, London and Hamburg.  What was your favorite experience while playing abroad and where would you like to visit/play again the most?

Uchi: The best part was the fact these crowds seemed like they really felt everything, and as much as a challenge that it was to get them started, the reward that came from seeing strangers-by-default move was insane. Also, going on an airplane with a purpose felt pretty awesome, though stressing out all day, making sure you don’t lose track of time, playing at the very end, and before you know it you have to leave again… It’s intense. Every single second feels surreal. 




You have a couple side projects like Cyborgs and Dead Air.  Do you have a next move planned?;  Any upcoming gigs you can share with us?

Uchi:  Cyborgs is currently under re construction of what it stands for, still is going to carry the same vibe, but since I sort of gave up on trying encourage people to dress up for parties, the idea behind the concept slowly disintegrated. A party isn’t defined by numbers or names, if you have a handful of energy-oozing individuals in one place, the vibe is next level by default. I will be announcing more as soon as I can about the plans. This is where you can find out everything we will do: https://www.facebook.com/cyborgss

Dead Air is back on air! A very good friend of mine Adam Brien took over and it could not have fallen into better hands, we’ve been DJing together for two years and always have been close,along with KCM on pitt. You can stream it on WVUM 90.5 fm Fridays 8-10pm. This is where you can listen: https://soundcloud.com/deadair-music

I guess the next moves are really developing a dynamic live set, with only hardware. For III Points, (hybrid) means I will be playing records along with the electribe and MPC I posses.  As far as other upcoming gigs, No Work Fest Nov 6-7th, making weird/noise/something for my favorite place to drink beer and listen to bands. Besides that, nothing else for now. 


R17:  This is your second year playing iii Points in a row.  How have you noticed the festival evolve?  What are you most excited for this year?

Uchi:  I have seen this festival evolve just like I have seen myself evolve too. Last year defined a pivotal moment for me, just like it was for my friends who made it happen. This year I challenged myself to learn how to use the MPC 1000 over the summer, and its lead up to this moment. Just like III Points sought out to challenge themselves as well in creating such a high profile yet also locally fueled, massive festival. Its something I think none of us have ever seen before.

I am Looking forward to seeing Roman Flügel, The Field, MF Doom, Shigeto, Nicolas Jaar, Surfer Blood, King Krule, and friends of mine. The sound system… Well... I urgently suggest everyone who wants to go to actually do it. Proud of the guys in charge, a salute them for such excellent event planning and executing, and for those of whom don’t know them personally, these people are the kind of souls that would remind you what beauty inside humans means again.



Don’t miss Uchi Live on Saturday at iii Points from 8-9 PM!

Learn more about her here!


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