R17 MIX: Cero 39 (World Selection) – Hahehihohu

Mauricio Álvarez is a Colombian music producer and sound designer in love with women, chaos, and pineapples. He is the mastermind behind several music projects, such as Cero39, La Sultana, Fungitonic and the Lobers, and La Blanquita Farm. In the commercial world, Mauricio has worked as sound designer for several brands, such as Master Card, Carolina Herrera, Unicef, Porsche, and Adidas, and has collaborated with R17 in several projects, such as our award winning documentary Right to Wynwood.

Check out the funky, beautiful tracks he selected for his R17 MIX…


10556399_676790855742427_3673886374832673810_nR17: Who is Cero39?
MA: A cart with coconut, piña colada, and mango popsicles.

What is El Cero working on at the moment?
Why are waiting for the masters of our new album, which is called ‘Moni Moni’. Victor Carrascal did the vocals and Dario Sendoya helped us programming. Our language is “tropical assembler.”

How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to it?
It’s as if they would have invented the synth in Barranquilla.

What can you tell us about this mixtape?
My “misstape” describes how small we are and how big the world is.

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And he sent us the playlist!

01. La Pataleta – Trio Atrato & El Brujo (Colombia)

02. Africa Kung Fu – Cumbia Siglo XX (Colombia)

03. Psychedelic Baby – Fubura Sekibo (Nigeria)

04. Take your soul – The Sahara All Stars (Nigeria)

05. El Vendedor de Bananas – Os Incriveis (Brasil)

06. Chatma – Tinariwen (Mali)

07. Quitate de mi escalera – Grupo Socavon (Colombia)

08. Paradise Isle – Johnny Pineapple & his orchestra (Hawaii)

09. Khrai cha metta – Wira Bamrungsi (Thailandia)

10. Mon amour Mon ami – Marie Laforet (Francia)

11. Cancion de Hamaca – Tego Calderon (Puerto Rico)

12. Igbo Beat – ChisomUzosike (U.S.A)

13. Part three – ChisomUzosike (U.S.A)

14. Do Ai (Riddles) – Phuong Dung (Vietnam)

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