An installation by R17 Creative Hub

Three animated sequences of twelve wall-sized portraits of old Wynwood locals and newcomers will be projected onto a white wall. Each sequence will start with an animated portrait of a Wynwood local, showing a simple gesture of the subject in slow motion. The portrait will then morph into one of a Wynwood newcomer, repeating the same pattern of local-newcomer-local-newcomer, until all portraits are shown. The sequences will be looped.

Walls is based on the concept of “fronteras invisibles” (invisible frontiers)— the imaginary boundaries that are set in some neighborhoods by gangs or crews who claim possession over sections of certain territories.



With 29th street as the invisible wall (the “old” Wynwood to the north and the “new” Wynwood to the South), the installation is an invitation to think about barriers not as solid entities, but as insubstantial constructs that can be dissolved by a change of attitude and/or thought.



The portraits will be taken at the De Hostos Senior center on NW 2nd Ave. and 29th St., and at panther Coffee on NW 2nd Ave. and 24th St, with only six streets separating the two samples of people.


The viewers will have the option to put on a set of headphones that will be hung on the wall next to the projection. Walls will be scored by Miami producer Mario de los Santos a.k.a. Telescope Thieves.


WALLS at iii Points