”It’s not everyday we receive music from South America, but Fungitonic And The Lobers are from Bogota and is the musical work of one Mauricio Alvarez, who has also worked as Cero39, La Blanquita Farm, Fungitonic, Smetenan, and Mauricio Álvarez . ‘Oseo’ is his second album as Fungitonic And The Lobers and its quite an interesting album of melodic music that is computer made. It seems to me he uses a variety of real instruments which he recorded and then transforms using computer technology. But unlike many other who would stretch it out and make it warm and glitchy, Alvarez uses a nice cut-up technique and he creates fifteen relatively short songs, all somewhere between the three and five minute mark. You could wonder if fifteen of these sketch like, intimate pieces is not a bit too much, but it works well. Sometimes he uses drums, which give the whole thing a trippy, dubby character, such as in ‘Candlelight’. I think piano and guitar are the instruments he uses most here, but also marimba, glockenspiel and voices. This too is warm and glitchy but then of an entirely different nature. It owes much more to popmusic I guess than to the world of avant-garde and that’s perhaps the best thing about it. Another surprising release on that Spanish label – check ‘m out! “ (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly # 832,22/5/2012)



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