INTERVIEW: Tara Long – Cult Supply @ Meta-Gallery

By: Camila Álvarez


Week 8 (May 5-10) at Meta-Gallery at MOCA welcomes Miami artist/community fixture Tara Long for her multi-faceted and transforming project Cult Supply. Meta-Gallery will become a space for installations, performances, rituals, and gatherings with friends, artists, and special guests.



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I am Tara Long. I never knew my mother and I am in a cult. This is Cult Supply.

The cult is comprised of eight artists. The Original Eight.

We are a hot water cult as we were formed in the hot springs of Mexican mountains.

“AMANDA WONG” represents purity of the self.

Amanda Wong is alive, and she is not my mother.

One can and should awaken their wildness, the primal instinct within.

Find your SELF. Honor your self.


Society is so LOUD. Sometimes to hear ourselves we have to drown it out instead of sit in silence.

Do not only meditate in silence.

I am not an illusionist, this is not a trick.

This is Cult Supply.

My intention is to provide. Here is a space. Here is a pillow. Here is a painting. Here is a person. Here is a poem. Here is a website. Use these things.

Self preservation may lead to

self actualization.

Self preservation is revolution.


“I travelled through a land of men,

A land of men and women too,

And heard and saw such dreadful things

As cold earth wanderers never knew.”


-William Blake, from The Mental Traveler


The Original Eight

Katherine Aungier

Julia Colavita

Leah Dixon

Tara Long

Craig Poor Monteith

Hugo Montoya

Siebren Versteeg

Amanda Wong



Travel, sales, web-design, militia, charm and manipulation, architect, admissions


Affiliates for MOCA exhibition

Camila Alvarez

Andrew Byrd

David Cabrera

Devin Christopher

Madhavi Ghiotti

Andrew Horton


Jessica Rosen

Mikhail Yurevich Shvartsman





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