INTERVIEW: Sopita Series ft. Julio Victoria (Get Physical) @ Bardot

By: Camila Álvarez


Who is Julio Victoria?

Not a lot of people know him in Miami, not just yet. But his name and sound have been bringing glory to the cold Colombian capital for quite a bit now. Julio will be debuting this Saturday at Bardot, in the 5th installment of Sopita Series with Will Buck and JBZ.

Like many others, Julio fell into the music wormhole by chance. As a professional tennis player traveling almost every summer to Germany to play tournaments, he spent his free time in music stores, delving into the intricacies of the multiplicity of sounds he had begun to discover in a new, exciting world that seemed to bring a lot more pleasure, mystery, and magic than the monotonous sound of the racket hitting the ball—the world of electronic music.

With a couple of suitcases full of vinyls, Julio returned to his homeland, surprising the most eclectic ears of the circuit, and rapidly becoming one of the strongest pillars of the scene. His sound, which he describes as versatile and full of harmonies, is certainly an elegant amalgam of deep, hypnotic house— sometimes with haunting vocals embedded at strategic moments—, and harder techno beats surrounded by colorful melodies that do away with what many would call the dryness of the genre.



One of the key figures who recognized Julio’s innate sensitivity was Philipp Jung (one half of M.A.N.D.Y.). Jung asked Julio to send him some of his music after they played together in Medellín in 2012. After sending him some of his work, Philipp fell in love with “Some Sense”, a track that which was later released as part of Get Physical’s ‘Tracks Vol. 3’. Last year, Julio’s collaboration with the German label continued to flourish after he shared the decks with Francesco Tristano one night at Billares Londres. Tristano liked Julio’s track “Impermanent“, and included it in his Body Language Compilation.

Besides his collaborations with Get Physical, and his local and international gigs, Julio has also found time to collaborate with other artists in more experimental projects. There are a really cool live act called “Ensayo”, in which he involves an upright bass player, and a visual/musical recreation of Bogotá as a live act/performance, that will have its debut in October at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

If you ever visit Bogotá, you can find Julio playing at Billares Londres, where he is a resident DJ, or at any of the other world renowned dance music venues, such as BAUM, El Coq, or Octava. If you happen to be in New York, catch him on Friday at Verboten.

We chatted with him…



Julio! You just traveled from Bogotá to New York. What are your plans this week?

I’m planning on enjoying New York and the summer this week, and to keep discovering new things in the city, like I always do. The climax of the trip is on Friday, I play at Verboten for the first time. It’s a very exciting opportunity.


By: El Gato fotógrafo


Talking about Bogotá, could you please tell us briefly about the electronic music scene? How has the sound evolved?

The electronic scene keeps evolving. We are going through a period where we are building solid foundations for the scene in general. In reference to the sound, we’ve been able to hear a lot more local artists proposing new things, who now have different spaces to show their identity and musical style. Currently, there are very interesting things happening in clubs such as Billares Londres, Baum, Octava, and el Coq. A lot of international artists have come to play, just like a lot of local artists have emerged from these venues.


You got into electronic music in high school, but then got to learn more about it in Germany, while you played professional Tennis during the summer. What kind of sounds exactly captivated your ear?

What captivated me wasn’t just a single sound, but more the variety of them, the same thing that motivated me to begin that search for variety amidst the different genres. When I went to cities such as Frankfurt and Berlin, I had the opportunity to go to different clubs, where I had that continuous contact with an assortment of sounds, artists, and musical acts.



And right now? What labels and artists are you into and why?

Labels : Hivern Discs, Infine, Laut and Luise, New Kanada, City Fox. I like these labels because I identify with their artists and music. The artists I currently like are Orson Wells, Francesco Tristano, Barnt, Roman Flugel, and Margaret Dygas, amongst many others.


You said in a previous interview that you were interested in the subject of urbanity, in the sounds of Bogotá and its imaginaries, and that that same interest was what sparked the idea for a project that will have its debut in October at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. Could you tell us a little bit about the conceptualization of the project?

The project is going to be a visual/musical visualization of Bogotá as the space we inhabit in different ways and with different stories, told from an array of different perspectives. We’re playing with everyday sounds, sounds from the streets that integrate and interpret what our city is. It’s a project and an experiment in which I am collaborating with Santiago Ayerbe, a visual artist from Bogotá, which will be presented as a live act/performance.


I saw a video of Ensayo— your Live Set with the upright bass player and I loved it! What’s this set all about?

It’s a new project, a live act that will begin to integrate a variety of musicians. It’s an experimental, electronic project that will integrate instruments such as the viola, violin, upright bass, and the piano. The idea is to perform this act in different stages and contexts.


What have been the coolest places where you’ve played around the world and why?

Suicide Circus en Berlin in February and Output in New York two months ago. I loved the good vibes, and the excellent reception and reaction I got from the public.


And now let’s talk about your DJ Sets…

In my DJ sets I incorporate the tracks I like the most and what I’m feeling at the moment.


What can we expect for Saturday night at Bardot?

A fun and dynamic night where you will listen to the music I’ve been playing lately. I will throw in there some of my own stuff that has never been released/ it’s going to be a special night because it’s the first time I’ll be playing in Miami.



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Julio! Acabas de viajar de Bogotá a Nueva York. ¿Cuáles son tus planes para esta semana?

Esta semana pienso disfrutar de Nueva York, del verano, y seguir conociendo la ciudad, donde siempre descubres cosas nuevas. El viernes diría yo que es el climax del viaje, pues toco por primera vez en verboten, una oportunidad muy emocionante.


Hablando de Bogotá, ¿nos podrías resumir en qué va la movida de la escena electrónica? ¿Cómo ha sido la evolución del sonido?

La escena electronica va evolucionando. Estamos pasando por un momento donde se están construyendo estructuras sólidas en cuanto a esta escena en general. En cuanto al sonido, durante los últimos años hemos podido escuchar cada vez más propuestas de artistas locales que ahora tienen espacios para mostrar su propia identidad y estilo musical. En este momento hay una movida muy contundente en clubes como Billares Londres, Baum, Octava y el Coq entre otros, han venido muchos artistas internacionales así como han surgido talentos locales.


Te empezaste a interesar por la música electrónica en bachillerato, y después pudiste aprender mucho más mientras jugabas tennis en Alemania. ¿Qué tipo de sonidos fueron exactamente los que te cautivaron?

Exactamente no me cautivo un sólo sonido, fueron la variedad de los mismos los que me motivaron a iniciar esa búsqueda de variedad en los diferentes géneros. Cuando fui a ciudades como Frankfurt y Berlin, tuve la oportunidad de ir a diferentes clubes y tuve ese contacto constante con diferentes sonidos, artistas y propuestas musicales.



Y ahora, ¿qué sellos y artistas te gustan y por qué?

Labels: Hivern Discs, Infine, Laut and Luise, New Kanada, City Fox. Me gustan estos labels porque me identifico con la música y artistas. Artistas que me gustan son Orson Wells, Francesco Tristano, Barnt, Roman Flugel, y Margaret Dyga, entre muchos otros.


Dijiste en una entrevista que te atraía el tema urbano, los imaginarios de Bogotá y sus sonidos, y que, de ese interés, nació un proyecto que debutará el primero de octubre en el Museo Quartier de Viena.  ¿Me puedes contar un poco sobre la conceptualización del proyecto?

Será una reflexión plástica y musical de Bogotá como espacio que habitamos, de diferentes maneras, con diferentes historias y desde una multiplicidad de perspectivas. Serán sonidos cotidianos, de la calle, que integran e interpretan lo que es Bogotá. es un proyecto y un experimento con el artista plástico Santiago Ayerbe, que será presentado como un live act/performance.



Vi el video del live set con el contrabajo y me encantó! Cuéntanos sobre este proyecto…

Es un nuevo proyecto, un live act que empezará a integrar una variedad de músicos. Es un proyecto experimental con bases electrónicas acompañado de instrumentos como la viola, el violín, contrabajo, y piano, la idea es realizar este live act en distintos escenarios y contextos.


¿Cuáles han sido los lugares más chéveres donde has tocado y por qué?

Suicide Circus, Berlin en Febrero de este año y Output en Nueva York hace dos meses. La buena vibra, excelente reacción y recepción del público.


Y ahora cuéntanos un poco sobre tus DJ sets…

En mis DJ sets pongo lo que más me gusta y siento en el momento.


¿Qué podemos esperar este Sábado en Bardot?

Una noche divertida y dinámica donde tocaré todo lo ultimo que he estado tocando. También habrá música mía que aún no ha sido publicada. Será una noche especial porque es la primera vez que toco en Miami.








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