By: Camila Álvarez


Our city is growing. This is evident not only in the infrastructural changes— from the untimely and mysteriously slow roadwork we’re seeing all over to the the flashy, white, cancerous towers extending firmly to the blue sky and flirting with investors in a Tokyo-style-ass-to-ass fashion. But mostly because of the blooming of its soul and the rapid evolution of its cultural scene in the last few years.

The first time this fact hit me (musically speaking) was when I saw Junior Boys– the yummy Canadian duo- playing at Bardot on a Thursday back in 2011 as part of a series of concerts called Living Room Sessions. It was surprising to me because it was the first time I felt seeing an internationally renowned act in Miami could be something cheap, casual, and cool, without having to deal with the logistics of big concerts.

The second time it hit me, this time a little harder, was last year in the summer when I heard about an arts, music, and technology festival called III Points— “a community festival feeding off the energy and personality of Wynwood. Exploring the cross section of music, tech and art and where and how these principals merge,” as Erica Freshman, co-founder of the festival defines it.

The beta version of III Points took place on October 10-12 at Mana Wynwood, showcasing amazing acts and producers such as Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington), Jamie XX (The XX), and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), as well as many of the best local acts such as The Tremends, Nacho Londoño (Eagle Chief), Deaf Poets, Austin Paul, Dude Skywalker, cool film screenings hosted by the David Lynch foundation, a couch-session with James Murphy, and art shows with artists such as the TM Sisters and Jillian Mayer.



This year III Points is coming with an awesome lineup that was just announced this morning, including acts like Flying Lotus and Lykke Li. They say we will see an improved version of the festival, more organized and focused on the technology component.


We chatted with Erica Freshman, co-owner of Miami’s nightlife gem—Bardot, and co-founder of the festival…


CA: When/why did you start working in the music business?

EF: I have worked in nightlife practically my whole adult life, five years ago we opened Bardot. The intimacy of the room, seeing acts I loved up close, and getting turned on to new shit blew me away. I wanted to have another platform to expand the experience.

How do you think the music scene has developed in Miami since then?

Not sure if the scene has developed or my knowledge of it has, but more producers performing solo, diversity of sounds, more of a captive educated audience to play to. Nationally, you see more tours getting routed our way.

Tell me about III Points…

III Points is a community festival feeding off the energy and personality of Wynwood. Exploring the cross section of music, tech and art and where and how these principals merge. We want to continue to challenge ourselves to book talent that is diverse and inspired.




What did you guys learn last year in terms of the production of the festival?

To get more organized, stay true to the values of an artist driven festival, remain true to the neighborhood, and work with a core of people who push, inspire and motivate you to get better.

The fest has an awesome lineup. Who are you excited to see?

Definitely Lykke, Chet Faker, Hot natured, Kelela, Jamie xx….Nuri and Robb Bank$.





*This interview was originally published on Culture Designers

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