Djembe presents: Bosq

Benjamin Woods aka Bosq is visiting us this Saturday to headline our second episode of Djembe. Not only does he play & produce amazing disco/funk tracks, but has also managed to release several albums and EPs with tracks that range from afro-latin, to gospel, to jazz, to house.


By: Camila Álvarez   We aren’t still sure if he was a buddhist monk, a bird of paradise, or a famous soul singer in his past life, but what we are sure of is that Will Buck came back to this planet to remind us about the essential traits we need to live a fruitful life: good vibes, patience, kindness, and true love and care for our craft.


By: Camila Álvarez   When I think about Yoán Moreno (drums/synths) and Jordan Chymczuk (guitar), the two musical bosses behind Copán, I think mainly of one word: admiration.


Ellie Peemoller, one of our favorite babes and music heads, is back with her deepweekend_002.

INTERVIEW: Sopita Series ft. Julio Victoria (Get Physical) @ Bardot

By: Camila Álvarez   Who is Julio Victoria? Not a lot of people know him in Miami, not just yet.

R17 MIX: Cero 39 (World Selection) – Hahehihohu

Mauricio Álvarez is a Colombian music producer and sound designer in love with women, chaos, and pineapples.

REVIEW: Venice Biennial – The Center or the Periphery?

By: Maya Castro Gutiérrez   What’s more interesting: the center or in the periphery? There are definitely pros and cons to both.

INTERVIEW: Michael Vasquez – Neighborhood Reclamation

By: Monica Uszerowicz   If New York has been accused of consistently mourning its past, then Miami has been accused of forgetting—obliterating—its own.