A.T.M: Nicolas Jaar, Nickodemus, Guccivuitton and Ex Machina



We’re back with your weekly digest of music, art and film. This week we have two musical treats for you. Brand new music by Nicolas Jaar, a mix by NYC-based DJ, Nickodemus,  Guccivuitton’s opening at ICA Miami, and a film directed by Alex Garland.


Nicolas Jaar’s early releases Nymphs II

Easily one of my favorite producers/musicians, Nicolas Jaar pre-released his latest project, Nymphs II today.  The 12′, which contains two sides, 01 The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now and 02 No One is Looking at U, was recorded in NYC between 2011 and 2015. Nymphs II is set to be released tomorrow via Jaar’s label Other People, May 12 but you can stream it for free TODAY.

Listen below:



Africa In Your Earbuds by Nickodemus

New York City native DJ/producer, Nickodemus made a special mix for Okay Africa.  With a long history of playing African music in many of his sets, Nickodemus explains the contents of this mix to Okay Africa:

In this mix I wanted capture a little of it all including artists who may not be from Africa, but clearly collaborated with musicians or samples from the continent. As we know in music, it all comes full circle and we have to give respect to the many who’ve paved the way over the years to get us on the good foot worldwide today.”

Stream to the mix below:



Guccivuitton at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

ICA hosts local gallery Guccivuitton for an exhibition which will showcase some of the collective’s work.  The exhibition will feature a four-story salesroom designed in collaboration with Jonathan Gonzalez from design firm Office ga.  The salesroom will consist of customized storage racks where unsold works from Guccivuitton will be sorted by size and medium.

Opening night is this Thursday, May 14 at 8 p.m. with an after-party at the newly opened venue, MIami Music Club.

Find out more about Guccivuitton’s opening and after-party at ICA here.




















Ex Machina, directed by Alex Garland

Alex Garland makes his directorial debut with this futuristic thriller.  Ex Machina is in part about an experiment with artificial intelligence named Ava whose “emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated and more deceptive” than imagined.  Ex Machina will have you at the edge of your feet and leave you feeling freaked out and thrilled at the same time.

Watch the trailer below:


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