A.T.M: Kadeejah Streets, TAZ at MOCA, and foreign film Timbuktu.


Hope everyone is well recuperated from the Memorial Day Weekend!  This week for A.T.M. we have a mix by Kadeejah Streets, TAZ Closing Reception and foreign film, Timbuktu.

Kadeejah Streets for Shameless Audiocast

For their monthly podcast Shameless Audio hosted disco-electro veteran Kadeejah Streets.

Influenced by his times at The Paradise Garage, Streets has made an impact in the Seattle club scene with his music label Innerflight Music.

Kadeejah’s sets are glorious testaments to the persuasive power of a DJ’s mood. With dexterous hands, this musical master turns the underground upside down and shakes it like a Magic 8-Ball, ensuring that you will howl at the moon with your eyes rolled back in your head.” – Resident Advisor

This mix is filled with funky dance-floor fillers and get down tunes.  Throw those headphones on and enjoy!

TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone Closing Reception at MOCA North Miami

For those who haven’t had the chance to make it to the TAZ exhibition at MOCA, come out to the closing reception this Saturday, May 30 at 7 p.m.

From curator Richard Haden and assistant curator Cristy Almaida,

TAZ “alludes to creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control…thus creating the foundation for authenticity and spontaneity”. Richard Haden proposes to articulate the exhibition through TAZ and the ways in which it has to do with recreating an “intentional community” (IC) which relates to how past communities purposefully organized in various forms as collectives, to succeed as small villages or townships, guilds, radical groups, et cetera, that eventually gave way to controlling socio-economic structures, which eventually led to the loss of authentic empowerment.”

TAZ Closing Reception

The closing reception will include musical performances by:

Pocket of Lollipops
Marilyn Loddi

For more info on TAZ, participating artist and its closing reception click the link below to the Facebook event page:  Taz Closing Reception


Timbuktu by director Abderrahmane Sissako

Academy Award nominee, Best foreign film 2015.

Timbuktu tells the story of a family living in a country ruled by a Jihadist group.  A cattle herder lives happily with his wife, daughter and their twelve-year old shepherd just outside the city of Timbuktu where music is banned, no one is allowed to laugh, and even soccer is forbidden.  The family faces an abrupt change to their peacefulness when the Jihadist invade their space.

Now playing at Miami Beach Cinematheque through May 31.  Click the link below for their calendar:


Check out the trailer below:




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