A.T.M: Jamie XX, Ryan Sullivan, and Manos Sucias

Welcome back to the second installment of A.T.M.  For you first time readers, A.T.M. is your weekly digital source dispensing music, art and film.

This week we share with you Jamie XX’s recently shared video to “Gosh”, Ryan Sullivan’s current exhibit at The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, and Manos Sucias, a Colombian film directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka.


Jamie XX Shares video for “Gosh”, directed by Erik Wernquist

Jamie XX releases the video to “Gosh”, a track from his forthcoming album In Colour. This video grew on me the more I watched it.  I didn’t immediately like the video and the reason being is I don’t love the track itself. But that also is growing on me.  The beginning feels a little too repetitive for my taste, then the closing sounds completely alter my opinion. Similarly, both the video and track gradually unfold and end in something much more beautiful.

In the video director Erik Wernquist, takes us on a journey to the surface of a planet from outer space.  The video begins with an overview of the planet and progressively gets closer, passing orbiting satellites, traveling through space.  Watch the video below and tell me how you feel.


Ryan Sullivan at ICA Miami

The Institute for Contemporary Art Miami presents New York-based artist, Ryan Sullivan.  In his first institutional solo exhibit Sullivan displays a collection of large-scale paintings from his past two years.  Exploring compositions and mediums, Sullivan produces these paintings that resemble ariel images of a planet from outer space.  Sharing a cohesive theme with Jamie’s video to “Gosh”.

Sullivan’s exhibition at ICA is open through August 9, 2015.  More info here.


















“Manos Sucias” directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka

Manos Sucias is a film about the journey three men take into the Pacific trafficking 100kg of cocaine from Colombia’s most dangerous coastal city, Buenaventura.  Watch the trailer below and find more info about the film and screening locations here.

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