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We aren’t still sure if he was a buddhist monk, a bird of paradise, or a famous soul singer in his past life, but what we are sure of is that Will Buck came back to this planet to remind us about the essential traits we need to live a fruitful life: good vibes, patience, kindness, and true love and care for our craft.

Will moved to New York in 2012, after spending a few years in Barcelona playing 7 nights a week and learning about his sound. He plays at some of the big apple’s coolest spots, such as Output, Goodroom, Black Flamingo, LeBain, Friends and Lovers, and the Things Might Get Weird parties. In Miami, he plays occasionally at Soho House, and you can always catch him at Bardot, where he holds a monthly residency and which he claims to be his favorite spot.

Will recently taught himself how to cook by watching youtube videos. He usually hosts public dinners on Wednesday nights at his winter house in Little Haiti.



We chatted with him…

Will Buck at “La Finca”, his winter home in Miami, FL


R17: Let’s go back to the origins of your DJ practice. How did you get into it? 

Will Buck: My DJ career started in High School in Massachusetts. I played rap at house parties and made mixtapes. My older cousin was a DJ and he introduced me to Hip Hop and House music.I met David Sinopoli, the other half of Legs Benedict—one of my side projects. Ever since freshman year we’ve been collaborating on music and parties. He’s been one of my best friends and biggest supporters. After college, I spent a few years living in Barcelona. For a while there I was playing at this club10pm – 5am, 7 days a week. I learned a lot in Europe and really figured out my sound.


Who are your major influences? 

A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang and Beastie Boys were my early influences. Nowadays, I’d say Nicolas Jaar, John Talabot, Nick Monaco, and Eli Escobar are guys I look up to a lot.



Your style has a wide range of sounds— from disco, to soulful hip-hop, to house, to techno. How would you describe the sound you are currently developing in your productions? 

I’m really into stuff from the 70’s and early 80’s. I love sampling and I use sounds from that era to make House, Disco, and whatever else I’m into at the time. Right now I’m focusing on making dance music. I want to make club ready tracks that have a lot of soul. I love taking risks when I DJ and playing songs that no one would think to play. I try to do the same thing in my productions and take sounds and inspiration from really eclectic music.



And now let’s talk about the mix…

I decided to make this mix because I wanted to try doing a set on ableton using only my own edits and loops. I imagined it would be a lot different than how I turned out, but I’m happy with it. I took some of my favorite breaks and rare grooves and used clips from exploitation movies like Willie Dynamite, Disco Godfather, FM and Melinda to tie them all together.



I liked some stuff in the ending that talks bout something like going with the flow, instead of working too hard. Talk to me about this…

I found a guided meditation tape that I used in the mix. It’s about clearing your mind. I think it fits with the more “out there” tracks I used towards the end of the mix.


You’ve been playing in Miami and New York for a while now. What would you say are the major difference between the two cities?

The major difference for me are the warehouse/underground parties. There’s a lot more of that in Brooklyn than Miami. That said, Bardot is my favorite place to play. It feels like home to me. I love the staff, the energy, and the sound system.




***You can download the Tim Toom edit from the mix for free on his Soundcloud:

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